Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just for fun

Went BM for arenas (god help me)

PeenchPeench, Tank Extraordinaire, just tanked Onyixia and as soon as the patch drops he'll be tanking Molten Core.

And i got my grubby green mits on This!

Soon as the patch drops i'll be in MC every week trying to get my leaf.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Also: to people always looking for good PvP movies, there's a new pre 3.0 Survival hunter video i found on Warcraftmovies.com



Saturday, December 20, 2008


Found some action on the PTR during wintergrasp. enjoy.



NOW I'm on the PTR.

First things first: New boots

got 15 marks of wintergrasp? like PvP? Git em!

Let me be potentially the first to say: Explosive shot is amazing again, it scales wonderfully and has plenty of potential in PvP.

Deterrence is lackluster in my opinion, it's 100% situational. Which unlike in it's old form if you wanted to deny a priest from getting mana back via shadowfiend while you continue to pound on them you popped deterrence and they stayed OOM. If i want to not eat a PoM pyro, or avoid some of the nastier warlock dots while i run for cover, this new form is amazing. Do i like it? you bet, i'd rather have it change and get some caster surviveability than have it stay the same and continue to be eaten alive.

If i could find someone on this God forsaken PvE server that wants to fight i'd show off the new explosive shot. No BGs, No arenas, not even world PvP. Wintergrasp was defended by a lone priest, becuase i had no access to siege engines becuase i couldn't get kills.

WTB some damn PvP!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


It's downloadin' now.



It'll be done when before i get off work, but i'm excited to try the new ES.

oooh 34%

Oh, before i forget. I got a pet before they had a chance to "fix" it (if they decide to) I'm happy with him. Since i can't get a spirit wolf anymore I'll settle for this.


I'll be on the PTR PvP realm if you wanna meet me.

Edit: or not....download is done but it's giving me errors D:

Friday, December 12, 2008


hey, want to see some BS?

That was on a mage at 15% life with ice armor on. I think it's safe to rename it "tickle shot"

Edit: Now THIS is more like it

Monday, December 8, 2008


No screenshot because I'm at work, but I'm too excited to not say anything. Level 80 is finally achieved. 15 minutes after hitting 80 i had to go to work, so after i get out of here i get to go play with freezing arrow and see just how useless everyone is saying it is. Currently at 431 engineering, all the mats for my goggles and my meta are ready to go and sitting in the bank. So i'll be farming cobalt for noise machines and sonic boosters, and after that it'll be army knives until i can make my goggles. Tweaked my spec a bit, so here it is for 80. It's working quite well.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A dream finally reached.

I hit 77 a night or two ago and finally coughed up the gold for cold weather flying. I toured northrend and now my entire title is complete. Loremaster might be next, we'll have to see.
I have most of the day off work today, so expect something.

Weebls name was changed because a friend sent me a Certificate of Ownership and she suggested the name, it made me chuckle so i went with it. I plan on changing his name on a near weekly basis when arenas start up to confuse the proximo addon.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey Mirsh

Don't you wish you looked this good? :P

In case you're wondering who that little blue leg belongs to....

It be Weebl! The mighty PvP crab. Bane of flag runners, pain in the ass to anyone who is trying to kill me and more deadly than a claw shrimp. Bandet is the DPS for instances, Weebl is with me the rest of the time. I'm tired as hell right now, tomorrow i'll post all my pvp tank macros. A video could also happen.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

not a show off >.>

Did the amphitheater chain today with a small PuG group. This is with bloodfury and my trinket popped, stam buff (+23ap thanks to 3/3 Hunter Vs Wild), gift of the wild, horn of winter ( <3 it) and expose weakness up with 1050 agility. did i mention i love horn of winter?

Oh, and i got to ride in the servers first Mechano hog.
Those Kiith-Sa Hunter guys are first class.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do want.

I want this, and would step over the corpses of loved ones for it.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Got out of work last night with the intent to hit 75 today and mess around with masters call. That was crushed around noon today when i found out i was to be trained at a new plant and had to work 3rd shift, bye bye day off. I'm now four and a half bars from 75, My leveling came to a screeching halt in Zul'drak when i was being quasi camped by a SL/SL/UA warlock who whenever i teleported up would dot me to hell and fear me about.

A word on that, back when i was BM i stood a chance against warlocks. This is not the case anymore as survival. We, as hunters, have ZERO spell mitigation. They were going to give it to us with deterrence but snatched it away back in beta. Even in open world PvP where we can try to kite we have nothing, soul link breaks traps and the sleep effect from wyvern sting. There isn't enough time to kill the pet and get rid of soul link becuase they're also deep affliction and their dots are ticking away for big damage, it's beyond an uphill fight.


I'll be hitting 75 tomorrow afternoonish and i'll get to mess around with masters call. I've decided to start bringing my crab with me in case of world PvP, so i can abuse roar of sacrifice and intervene. I've been trying to fight every deathknight i can find so i can learn how to kill one and teach others. Trying to get my mitts on the prison wardens shotgun, but i have to use LFG (sucks ass) becuase i'm a one man bank mule guild. Nothing like sitting in LFG and only seeing ret pallys, unholy DKs, and rogues. WTB more people leveling as prot.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New puppy

Hit 74 today and i got a pair of Savage Cobalt Slicers as suggested by Rilgon, loving them alot. with my PvE gear and my sunfury back on I'm over 900 unbuffed agility. Aspect of the Dragonhawk is amazing, no other way to put it. Currently have it on a cast sequence macro for pvp:

/castsequence Aspect of the Dragonhawk, Aspect of the Viper

Thats all, bound it to F2 and it saves me room on my cluttered action bars.

Made my first trip to dalaran and did a few battlegrounds, Strand of the Ancients is amazing and i can't figure out if i like attacking or defending more.

As promised here are some pics of the new Bandet

Old and busted:

New Hotness:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie time

In linking Hazeks movie last post i had a thought, just about everything i know about hunter PvP i've learned from PvP videos. So in effort to get even more focus to these movies i present to you.....

Kordwars Top 6 PvP movies!

In no particular order

Those are the movies that really changed the way i played, hope you enoy them and take something away from them like i always seem to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you ready?

Hit 73 before work, so now i have one of my favorite abilities: Readiness. Worst thing was finding a keybind for it. currently resting at shift+` so i don't accidentally blow the CD. I fell in love with it on the PTR and got to see how well it did in arena from one of my favorite PvP movies: "HunteR evolution" by High warlord / 2x Gladiator Hazek during 2s with an AR/Prep rogue. If you're going to watch it, download it. it's well worth the space. Will be working on 74 so i can get dragonhawk as soon as i get home from work. currently at 424 mining and 403 engineering, i have rockets on my gloves and will soon have nitro boosts on my guardian boots.

Getting there

First of all:

@Warsong hold elevator

Fuck you.


<3 Kordwar

any who, I've been trying to level as much as i can lately but things keep coming up. 5 bubbles from 73 and I'm at 419 mining and 396 engineering, i need alot more cobalt in order to be able to use the saronite i farmed last night, but since i don't use my goggles anymore the spynoculars were a great investment for me, i'm keeping a lid on being able to use the mote extractor in northrend to my server becuase no one has seemed to realize it quite yet.

I bought a blood knight war cloak and threw a flexweave underlay on it, i intend to use my frost lords war cloak for PvE things. Identical stats ftw. I've gotten many a mining node because of that cloak.

Server has been really laggy lately and while at my girldfriends house the internet isn't the best, so i've been avoiding pvp. I did pick up a wasp for anti rogue / druid, but he's still leveling so normally it's just Bandet and i. Come level 74 i'll be getting a new wolf, same name new skin. Stay tuned for what he'll look like.

Added http://no-ammo-melee-time.blogspot.com/ to the blogroll, be sure to check him out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cannon fodder

Even if my points are getting wiped in a few days i've decided to start doing arena again. I'm hoping to have enough points for my brutal chest come tuesday. I'm doing 3s with a mutilate rogue and a feral drood (Dubyk, one of the best on the server in my opinion), Three guys who have been using their tree since pre patch when all three didn't really "belong" in the arena.

I am two things in the arena when i'm the only anyone can see when the match starts, Utility and cannon fodder. They come after me and i keep them in the frost (praying for entrapment procs), sleep the healer and blast anyone who dares forget i'm there.

Here is where i'm torn, do i put my PvP gear back on? I'm still wearing my beloved sonic spear and my leggings of the pursuit when i go in, and when i take those off i lose a ton of dodge (only thing that keeps me in the game to be honest). My resil with that gear on is only 202, thats what gets me when i get hit. Thats the thing though, i almost don't get hit for a solid 10 seconds. While they're trying to faceroll me to death and i have a total of 90% mitigation (being an agility monger + new AotM + Deterrence) while running around with a constant 30% speed boost and they're stuck in frost traps their healers are dying faster than they can go through their spellbook to find and cast intervene on the healer.

I'll make a note to record a few of our matches.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

one sad Orc

Making arrows last night in org because i didn't feel like getting more kara arrows to just grind defilers rep when i saw someone wanting more people for MC, i ask "do you have anyone to douse the runes to summon majordomo?"


"i'll pass"

leaving WSG i see someone else asking for more for MC, i ask the same question.

"yeah, 7 people doing the quest right now"

"count me in" i say

I activate my direbrew remote and port to BRD, get through the door and promptly fall into the lava -_-. I ask for a summon and wait.

we summon majordomo and beat the bejesus out of him, the leaf drops.

My brain goes nuts, i'm excited and i'm planning on the the video i'm going to shoot as i do my rhok quest. That goes away when i saw a i rolled a 15 as opposed to the other hunters 94.

So, after work tonight i start grinding Hydraxian waterlord rep to be able to douse the runes myself and get MC on farm with my 6 closest friends (with no other hunters allowed to come alone >.>)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quasi contest!

Isn't he a beauty? fresh from Zul'Gurub. It's up to you kind folks to name this fella! i personally like that our Mohawks match :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Went to visit onyixa....

and got me some head.

And something for my own head

plus the achievement.

8 Manned her, one healer, enhancement shaman tank. For most of the fight i had to melee because autoshots hit too hard (go go aspect of the beast!)

Sooner or later i'll get my leaf from MC (and need a ton of Ony runs) and i'll finally get my Rhok and my Lok.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, been busy with the wrong things

I keep intending to shoot video about cool new things, the new distracting shot, pet stuff. BG footage, anything.

I've been hung up on the new zombie stuff, so enjoy.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


::knocks the cobwebs out::

I've been without internet for a few weeks now. It's maddening to say the least.

I've been missing so much stuff and i'm trying to catch up now.

Aspects off the GCD?

Bandet considering forsaking Survival? ( D: )

Aspect of the dragonhawk?

Lordy, I've been missing out on forum Drama (Server, Class and class beta)

I'm having fun with the MMO champion raid comp tool http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/

I'll have internet at home come monday, I'm downloading the new patch as we speak (read?) and I'll be updating my addons and setting up my bars for my triumpant return.

New spec for being 70

And 80 should look like this

Expect some stuff on monday.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A title to be proud of.

Champion of the naaru? /yawn
Hand of A'dal? /pass

Now THIS is a title i can sink my teeth into.

Yeah, that's an Umlaut over my O. I copied this version of me last, the one before it was missing: my ram, my bombling and my bird bow. I couldn't delete the old me because i was still the leader of a 3s team. The few of us on the PTR got a Makai up and running, i missed my tag and Gchat.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

lil glitch i love

was messing around in arena and my opponents forfit (it was myself vs. disc priest and warrior ::shrug::) when i left the arena, none other than my puppy was still at my side.

Personally, i think it should be like that 100% of the time. it makes sense damn it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


fresh from the beta board:


I have some good news, and some bad news. First, the bad news. Unfortunately we won't be able to do the Aspect of the Viper change I discussed yesterday (passive instead of requiring you to attack the target) at this time because of technical limitations and its potential to shake up our current balance goals. However, we will evaluate it as an option for a future patch.

Now, the good news.

- Aimed Shot - This shot will now be instant cast, its damage/effect/cooldown will remain unchanged.
- Scatter shot - This will now be an 11-point Survival talent.
- Readiness - This will now be the 21-point Marksmanship talent.
- Trap Mastery - This will now be the 41-point Survival talent. Granted, not very sexy for a 41-pointer but we'll do some changes there in a future patch (after WOLK ships).

These changes will be live in an upcoming beta build."

Not sure how i feel about the readiness change. Don't get me wrong i adore readiness on the PTR, but i've never specced into it, i always take scatter. But what that means is you can go 50/21/0 and get 2x bestial wrath. Trap mastery is a joke, we need something thats not a waste of a point. I think a ranged snare is in order, something. I am very excited for aimed shot though, granted i won't have it until lvl 71.

Monday, September 22, 2008

exciting new things

Gruul down! took a few tries but we finally got him to drop our pants! I'm drunk from a few pony kegs.

And Finally! Finally! my own brewfest ram!
I've wanted one since i started playing and tonight it dropped! Got the Dire brew mug too, just saved myself 41 badges.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About damn time!

almost forgot, 30 renewals and 60g later it's finally mine!



wanna see something cool?

sitting in TB waiting for some people to hop on when i saw "LFM Hjal" i sent a tell and got an invite.

ran to the trainer and respecced for hunting party then away i went.

overall damage on trash+ the first two bosses

Eat your heart out BM and MM

Keep in mind 5 of those people are ret pallys, followed by mages and warlocks and one boomkin. Followed by the lone SV hunter :)


Monday, September 15, 2008

PTR goodies

Finally got everything going with the PTR, i am having so much fun with explosive shot it's not even funny.

I'll break down my feelings on some of the new stuff when I'm not half asleep.

I went 0/10/51 and couldn't be happier. I was going to take Rilgons advice and use the training dummies in org, but they were occupied. So i went to QD and went to town on the dummies there. My wolf, Bandet, finally hit 70 and I'm having a blast with him thanks to his new talent tree.

ugh, i need sleep.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


first guild run of Gruuls lair was tonight, Here's what I'm sitting at raid buffed. I wasn't with a shaman, so add 77 to that.

And there is HKM taking a dirt nap. 3rd in Damage (again) behind a BM hunter and a lock.
i missed a screenshot of myself and someone else Huntanking kiggler. Maybe next week. ZA tomorrow and Kara on Tues.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick screenshot before all the content

Thats Right folks! The Makai now has a mounted unit. Orcs on talbuks with guns, you just wait until i have explosive shot.
Big thanks to Rezonator our moo cow main tank/meat shield for the screenshot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Man, i am falling behind. I'm getting exposure from Mirshalak and Bandet, so i need to step it up. Expect more updates and alot more content in the coming days.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm in awe to say the least.

Trackhoof of Survival hunters anon. is hanging up his ammo pouch and retiring to mulgore.

In his farewell story he spoke of handing down his gun to a younger hunter, an Orc. In my own mind i imagine this to be me, and my proof lies in what i received tonight. Here sitting in my grasp lies the weapon i've dreamed of since i started, I took tracks message as an omen of things to come (i swear i'm not nuts) but it finally dropped.

another thing, eagle boss down! 2nd time in ZA and we made the first chest and downed the eagle boss. we had a bunch of connection problems and the offtank and healer we were borrowing from another guild never showed. so we ended without the lynx going down. we're going back sunday, everyone pray trollbane drops when we down the eagle boss.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just woke up and i'm still pumped

We dropped prince on Saturday and stopped there, and decided to skip nightbane and netherspite. Then just last night someone suggested to try nightbane, we happened to have some people on who could summon him and away we went. It took us about 4 tries, fear wards were dropped too early or slightly late. i ran out of two of my buffing agents (grilled mudfish (i had them! i swear! but i sent them to someone by accident while trying to send spelldamage food!) and scrolls of agility V.) but having a shammy with us tonight made that fact kind of null and void. With my normal buffs EW procs for about 246 attack power, normal buffs being blessing of kings, +20 agil food buff, scroll of agility V, and major agility potions. Last night thanks to the shaman i was proccing 276 attack power, thanks to grace of air totem. 1106 (give or take) agility with 43% crit rating made me simply drool.

nightbane went down, we cheered "more!" so onto netherspite we went! after a wipe one of the priests said he had to go and could try one more time, to that i shouted "screw this! to ZA!". Jastel (beloved guild vending machine and portal delivery system) ported us to SMC and off to the ghostlands we flew, we picked up an extra tank from our sister(?) guild corsair. We didn't make the timed event because we needed to take time to explain the pulls and the boss, but we dropped Nalorakk on our first shot and we have the bag to prove it.

SV monitor feels a bit low in that one shot, i know for a fact i was proccing 246.

one more thing, i love Torment of the worgen, because it's just plain nifty


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the proof is in the helm

Well, after an exhaustingly long WSG (alliance S4 druids flag running and healing FTL) I was approached by a mage from one of the higher end raiding guilds about doing 2s with him, to which i said "with me? seriously?". There he sat on a merciless netherdrake with 98k lifetime kills, I was to say the least in awe. we went 10-0 our first matches and decided to push on and keep going, with him as Arcane/ PoM pyro. After three losses against an Spriest / Rogue team he decided to respecc to frost (we never got that team again).

So here i am with 1707 rating, i hope we can keep going this week and i can get my S4 pants soon. Went mad in EotS for marks (topping the damage meter as i went) and AV so i could get marks for "for great honor". So now i sit with new Boots and a brand spankin new Helm. Got the +12 agil meta and a new shifting nightseye in the helm and +12 agil to the boots. Here's a pic, enjoy the sexy

Now sitting on 753 agil and 38% crit in PvP gear, and 808 unbuffed in PvE.

Keep Surviving

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Holy Crap!

Today was my first real Gruuls lair run! we had a few wipes but we came out on top, i brought the expose weakness love to the raid, they for some reason wouldn't put me in with a shammy and a druid, Expose weakness was proccing for about 234 AP the whole fight. I was missing Agility V scrolls so i was down from my normal non shammy buffed 237.

I'd like the thank Chagutter from the Guild Dark Oblivion for inviting me to the raid. Their normal SV hunter was BM for arena, so Chagutter said "I know a better survival hunter". I ran around and got my normal buffing agents then grabbed my ammo pouch and teleported to Area 52 (they gave up on summoning me due to me waiting on major agility pots) Enjoy the screen shots.

Gruul himself. I got the addon from Trackhoof, it's call SV monitor
you can get it here

The damage report after the fight and the DPS report

Big puppy O_o

Big thanks to Tragorn from my server for the screenshot, i was out in the barrens leveling my fishing and my cooking (had some time to kill and it needed to be done)
Thats Bandet (small tribute to the survival hunter PvP vids i love) he's my farming buddy for when i need mats for raids.

Broken record

I'm hoping to make a T-Shirt:

"I went to Kara and all i got was shards"

granted the void crystal i got was shattered and helped enchant my merciless chest with +6 to all stats, so I'm still happy.

I. Love. Druid. Tanks. There i said it. I LOVE leader of the pack (47.87% crit! take that master tactician!)

I recorded the moroes fight! I'm not 100% happy with the footage (i pulled aggro a few times becuase of lag spikes from Wegame being up) but i think I'll edit it anyway, maybe I'll throw together a small PvP vid, not sure yet. I'm tempted to make a mess of videos but BRK has covered just about everything.

A word on who gets what for drops:

A friend of mine (ex guildie, too cool to be shunned) was complaining to me about drops in kara that night (preaching to the choir eh?) he's a priest who wants to go shadow but lacks the spell damage for it, but everytime something drops for his shadow offspec he gets told "it's not your main spec so we're going to D/E it"

...Wait what?

it should ALWAYS go main spec, off spec, shard. Then they turn around and tell him his dps is too low in shadow (so he can get gear for shadow) and that he can't come to kara. He left the guild for THAT? He left for more PvP and more PvE content, i rarely PvP alone and always have guildies in tow, i also live in battlegrounds when I'm not out farming engineering mats/ leveling my wolf. The Makai Tribe (one year old as of yesterday! whooo!) has kara on farm (dropped prince our 2nd week /furious Epeen stroke) and we're moving on soon. 90% of the drops we get from kara are resto shammy gear, so if you're kara ready and on another server then the Makai Tribe wants you! drop me an Email at Easilyamused331@hotmail.com if you're interested



Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, another week, another kara run without drops for me.

Everything went swimmingly, well other than the epic wipe. Mokushi (beloved GM) disconnects during some trash pulls on the way to maiden. Molag (Big white tiger belonging to beloved GM Mokushi) decides to pull the next group of mobs, without Mokus permission (or being online for that matter). brief synopsis? you got it:

"Moku, where is molag going?"

"what do you mean, I'm still logging back in"

"no, he just ran off"


::center group of elites comes, followed by patrol, followed by another group::

::Kord feigns::

Well, we did run into another problem a little down the line, during the Moroes fight i had to trap everyones pal Baron Rafe Dreuger ( the ret pally) this of course is never a problem. Today it was, he broke 4 count'em FOUR traps in a row. I'd trap and he'd break out after five seconds and I would then kite, slow, then trap again, only to have him break out once more. Someone else sees this and lays a trap, only to have the B@stard break that as well. one more trap from me and again it breaks, thankfully the baron was next on the kill list and the tank picked him up.

Has anyone ever ran into this? I'm scouring wowwiki and anywhere else i can look but I'm turning up nothing. Hell, it even makes the sound like he hit a PvP trinket to get out.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for WSR or legacy next week.

Oh, side note. my 3s team is up to 1575 (yay new Bracers)

We're working on getting to 1700 for boots and brutal helms (hate to lose the goggles but an upgrades an upgrade), but a burst team can only carry so far. Our current setup seems to be working until we hit double healer teams. Also, we keep losing every time we hit blades edge arena, we kick ass in nagrand and the ruins but the fact that BE is nothing but LOS. Team build is as follows:
SL/SL warlock (over 400 resil, and 13k unbuffed health)
BM hunter
unconventional? you bet. Working? eh...not going to get shoulders if thats what you're asking.
::sigh:: WTB resto shammy or druid for 2s

i've got a few kara survival vids in the works, we'll see what i can cook up.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

helping out a friend, don't mind me

Giving a quick lesson on macros to a "survival student" i know

The macro I used as BM is 3:2
so three steadyshots for every 2 autoshots, mana taxing as all hell.
be ready with fel mana pots and AotV, mana oil on your weapon helps alot as well.

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/cast !Auto shot
/cast [target=pettarget,exists] Kill Command
/cast Steady shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

that will fire off every kill command that comes up, so you'll never miss one and your DPS will stay consistant.

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command
/cast !Auto shot
/cast Steady shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

thats the one if you hate the "i can't do that yet" comment.

As survival i keep with a straight 1:1 macro. thats one steadyshot for each autoshot.

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castsequence reset=3 !Auto Shot, Steady Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I only use it for the kill command, and i weave autoshots and multi (when there is no CC, since we're not huntards right? i sure hope so.)
Now, keep in mind you should use 3:2 if your weapon is 3.8 or slower, for maximum effect.
hopefully this helps you out (you know who you are)

here's a few more since i just remembered them.

Raptor clip: my lifeblood, my first instinct, the bane of melee classes
/cast Raptor Strike(Rank 9)
/cast Wing Clip(Rank 3)

the raptor stike can be on CD but the wing clip is 100% spamable still, so savage strikes + raptor clip= 1k crits plus slowing. fantastic for the "joust" when you need to get away.

and the pullshot macro, i in no way claim this as my own, i got it from BRK

/cast Distracting Shot(Rank 7)

hit it once and let the mob come to you. guaranteed to not break a trap and prevent "lrn2trap huntard" comments.

Monday, July 28, 2008


yeah yeah i know, three posts in one day. i can't help that crap keeps coming to me and i feel compelled to write it for ::cough::no one::cough:: people to read.

Now i'm not putting all my eggs in one basket for these talents to go live, but i can dream right?

The first incarnation on my build went as such, kinda ho hum

But after seeing this video my thinking changed.

So i altered the build a little bit to this

I have a feeling i'll like it a bit more.

I get alot of folks who inspect me wondering why i took scatter over master tactician and readiness, it's a matter of personal preference when it all boils down. Scatter for me makes trapping/ interupting caster mobs (and healers in pvp) that much simpler. Sure i could just pop readiness and get another wyvern sting off, but thats a 5 minute cooldown i just lost that could have been used for something better. Though i will be taking readiness in WotLK (see above) it's just not for me at the moment.



After a long uphill struggle, we're finally in kara as a guild. We had some downtime in which we needed to recruit like madmen for tanks and healers (RP-PvP server, vast shortage of both).

We lost a few people to other guilds, drama ensued, but we came back stronger than ever. In one fell swoop we lost our main tank AND main healer after the main tank went MIA for 2 weeks then said "we don't do enough heroics" and left. cue main healer to say "we don't do enough heroics" and leave as well (hard to do them without a heroic ready tank, ya know?)

Following that we (the officers) scrambled to find replacements and get them geared for whatever we could throw at them. In doing so we've gotten more readily available tanks and heals, the guild is quite happy and we're kicking ass and taking names through kara every week now.

I'm still praying for wolfslayer every thursday, i hope my prayer gets answered soon.

smell that?

Thats new blog smell.

Well future readers this is the first post of many to come.

I suppose i can start off by introducing myself. I am Kordwar of the Makai Tribe, an Orc and full time survival hunter. We're on Ravenholdt U.S server (horde side) and will be celebrating our first year anniversary this august. I'm second in command and the guy to go to when Mokushi (our beloved GM) finally snaps, raids the Gbank and jumps server. The Makai is steadily progressing through kara and downed prince our 2nd time in. After we get our main crew kara gear we'll be starting 25 man content and ZA soon enough.

I am a recent convert to the School of survival, i joined Survival Hunters Anonymous and followed the 12 steps. saw the light and converted from being a long time beast mastery hunter (still of firm follower of BRK though, read the blog everyday).

For those wondering, the blog title comes from an outburst on my guilds vent server, while dueling someone on his warrior i proceeded to chain trap, scattershot and wyvern sting him into oblivion. (i lost BTW, autoshot broke a freeze trap and he intercepted, then began to beat me senseless with his Skillherald.)