Saturday, September 27, 2008

lil glitch i love

was messing around in arena and my opponents forfit (it was myself vs. disc priest and warrior ::shrug::) when i left the arena, none other than my puppy was still at my side.

Personally, i think it should be like that 100% of the time. it makes sense damn it!


Neggles said...

I wish they would have let pets remain out when you have a land mount, but dismiss with a flying mount. It was always fun to have a pet and a matching mount :(

Then again, it never really made sense to me that my Windserpent wouldn't fly along side my Netherdrake before they made the change...

Bandet said...

When I was an orc hunter.. I got the worg pup pet, the black worg from LBRS, and the black war wolf from my pvp grind.. so when I would run around mounted, I would have a smaller version of my mount, and a smaller version of my smaller version of my mount!