Saturday, December 20, 2008


NOW I'm on the PTR.

First things first: New boots

got 15 marks of wintergrasp? like PvP? Git em!

Let me be potentially the first to say: Explosive shot is amazing again, it scales wonderfully and has plenty of potential in PvP.

Deterrence is lackluster in my opinion, it's 100% situational. Which unlike in it's old form if you wanted to deny a priest from getting mana back via shadowfiend while you continue to pound on them you popped deterrence and they stayed OOM. If i want to not eat a PoM pyro, or avoid some of the nastier warlock dots while i run for cover, this new form is amazing. Do i like it? you bet, i'd rather have it change and get some caster surviveability than have it stay the same and continue to be eaten alive.

If i could find someone on this God forsaken PvE server that wants to fight i'd show off the new explosive shot. No BGs, No arenas, not even world PvP. Wintergrasp was defended by a lone priest, becuase i had no access to siege engines becuase i couldn't get kills.

WTB some damn PvP!

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