Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey Mirsh

Don't you wish you looked this good? :P

In case you're wondering who that little blue leg belongs to....

It be Weebl! The mighty PvP crab. Bane of flag runners, pain in the ass to anyone who is trying to kill me and more deadly than a claw shrimp. Bandet is the DPS for instances, Weebl is with me the rest of the time. I'm tired as hell right now, tomorrow i'll post all my pvp tank macros. A video could also happen.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

not a show off >.>

Did the amphitheater chain today with a small PuG group. This is with bloodfury and my trinket popped, stam buff (+23ap thanks to 3/3 Hunter Vs Wild), gift of the wild, horn of winter ( <3 it) and expose weakness up with 1050 agility. did i mention i love horn of winter?

Oh, and i got to ride in the servers first Mechano hog.
Those Kiith-Sa Hunter guys are first class.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do want.

I want this, and would step over the corpses of loved ones for it.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Got out of work last night with the intent to hit 75 today and mess around with masters call. That was crushed around noon today when i found out i was to be trained at a new plant and had to work 3rd shift, bye bye day off. I'm now four and a half bars from 75, My leveling came to a screeching halt in Zul'drak when i was being quasi camped by a SL/SL/UA warlock who whenever i teleported up would dot me to hell and fear me about.

A word on that, back when i was BM i stood a chance against warlocks. This is not the case anymore as survival. We, as hunters, have ZERO spell mitigation. They were going to give it to us with deterrence but snatched it away back in beta. Even in open world PvP where we can try to kite we have nothing, soul link breaks traps and the sleep effect from wyvern sting. There isn't enough time to kill the pet and get rid of soul link becuase they're also deep affliction and their dots are ticking away for big damage, it's beyond an uphill fight.


I'll be hitting 75 tomorrow afternoonish and i'll get to mess around with masters call. I've decided to start bringing my crab with me in case of world PvP, so i can abuse roar of sacrifice and intervene. I've been trying to fight every deathknight i can find so i can learn how to kill one and teach others. Trying to get my mitts on the prison wardens shotgun, but i have to use LFG (sucks ass) becuase i'm a one man bank mule guild. Nothing like sitting in LFG and only seeing ret pallys, unholy DKs, and rogues. WTB more people leveling as prot.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New puppy

Hit 74 today and i got a pair of Savage Cobalt Slicers as suggested by Rilgon, loving them alot. with my PvE gear and my sunfury back on I'm over 900 unbuffed agility. Aspect of the Dragonhawk is amazing, no other way to put it. Currently have it on a cast sequence macro for pvp:

/castsequence Aspect of the Dragonhawk, Aspect of the Viper

Thats all, bound it to F2 and it saves me room on my cluttered action bars.

Made my first trip to dalaran and did a few battlegrounds, Strand of the Ancients is amazing and i can't figure out if i like attacking or defending more.

As promised here are some pics of the new Bandet

Old and busted:

New Hotness:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie time

In linking Hazeks movie last post i had a thought, just about everything i know about hunter PvP i've learned from PvP videos. So in effort to get even more focus to these movies i present to you.....

Kordwars Top 6 PvP movies!

In no particular order

Those are the movies that really changed the way i played, hope you enoy them and take something away from them like i always seem to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you ready?

Hit 73 before work, so now i have one of my favorite abilities: Readiness. Worst thing was finding a keybind for it. currently resting at shift+` so i don't accidentally blow the CD. I fell in love with it on the PTR and got to see how well it did in arena from one of my favorite PvP movies: "HunteR evolution" by High warlord / 2x Gladiator Hazek during 2s with an AR/Prep rogue. If you're going to watch it, download it. it's well worth the space. Will be working on 74 so i can get dragonhawk as soon as i get home from work. currently at 424 mining and 403 engineering, i have rockets on my gloves and will soon have nitro boosts on my guardian boots.

Getting there

First of all:

@Warsong hold elevator

Fuck you.


<3 Kordwar

any who, I've been trying to level as much as i can lately but things keep coming up. 5 bubbles from 73 and I'm at 419 mining and 396 engineering, i need alot more cobalt in order to be able to use the saronite i farmed last night, but since i don't use my goggles anymore the spynoculars were a great investment for me, i'm keeping a lid on being able to use the mote extractor in northrend to my server becuase no one has seemed to realize it quite yet.

I bought a blood knight war cloak and threw a flexweave underlay on it, i intend to use my frost lords war cloak for PvE things. Identical stats ftw. I've gotten many a mining node because of that cloak.

Server has been really laggy lately and while at my girldfriends house the internet isn't the best, so i've been avoiding pvp. I did pick up a wasp for anti rogue / druid, but he's still leveling so normally it's just Bandet and i. Come level 74 i'll be getting a new wolf, same name new skin. Stay tuned for what he'll look like.

Added to the blogroll, be sure to check him out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cannon fodder

Even if my points are getting wiped in a few days i've decided to start doing arena again. I'm hoping to have enough points for my brutal chest come tuesday. I'm doing 3s with a mutilate rogue and a feral drood (Dubyk, one of the best on the server in my opinion), Three guys who have been using their tree since pre patch when all three didn't really "belong" in the arena.

I am two things in the arena when i'm the only anyone can see when the match starts, Utility and cannon fodder. They come after me and i keep them in the frost (praying for entrapment procs), sleep the healer and blast anyone who dares forget i'm there.

Here is where i'm torn, do i put my PvP gear back on? I'm still wearing my beloved sonic spear and my leggings of the pursuit when i go in, and when i take those off i lose a ton of dodge (only thing that keeps me in the game to be honest). My resil with that gear on is only 202, thats what gets me when i get hit. Thats the thing though, i almost don't get hit for a solid 10 seconds. While they're trying to faceroll me to death and i have a total of 90% mitigation (being an agility monger + new AotM + Deterrence) while running around with a constant 30% speed boost and they're stuck in frost traps their healers are dying faster than they can go through their spellbook to find and cast intervene on the healer.

I'll make a note to record a few of our matches.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

one sad Orc

Making arrows last night in org because i didn't feel like getting more kara arrows to just grind defilers rep when i saw someone wanting more people for MC, i ask "do you have anyone to douse the runes to summon majordomo?"


"i'll pass"

leaving WSG i see someone else asking for more for MC, i ask the same question.

"yeah, 7 people doing the quest right now"

"count me in" i say

I activate my direbrew remote and port to BRD, get through the door and promptly fall into the lava -_-. I ask for a summon and wait.

we summon majordomo and beat the bejesus out of him, the leaf drops.

My brain goes nuts, i'm excited and i'm planning on the the video i'm going to shoot as i do my rhok quest. That goes away when i saw a i rolled a 15 as opposed to the other hunters 94.

So, after work tonight i start grinding Hydraxian waterlord rep to be able to douse the runes myself and get MC on farm with my 6 closest friends (with no other hunters allowed to come alone >.>)