Friday, November 7, 2008

Cannon fodder

Even if my points are getting wiped in a few days i've decided to start doing arena again. I'm hoping to have enough points for my brutal chest come tuesday. I'm doing 3s with a mutilate rogue and a feral drood (Dubyk, one of the best on the server in my opinion), Three guys who have been using their tree since pre patch when all three didn't really "belong" in the arena.

I am two things in the arena when i'm the only anyone can see when the match starts, Utility and cannon fodder. They come after me and i keep them in the frost (praying for entrapment procs), sleep the healer and blast anyone who dares forget i'm there.

Here is where i'm torn, do i put my PvP gear back on? I'm still wearing my beloved sonic spear and my leggings of the pursuit when i go in, and when i take those off i lose a ton of dodge (only thing that keeps me in the game to be honest). My resil with that gear on is only 202, thats what gets me when i get hit. Thats the thing though, i almost don't get hit for a solid 10 seconds. While they're trying to faceroll me to death and i have a total of 90% mitigation (being an agility monger + new AotM + Deterrence) while running around with a constant 30% speed boost and they're stuck in frost traps their healers are dying faster than they can go through their spellbook to find and cast intervene on the healer.

I'll make a note to record a few of our matches.

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