Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, another week, another kara run without drops for me.

Everything went swimmingly, well other than the epic wipe. Mokushi (beloved GM) disconnects during some trash pulls on the way to maiden. Molag (Big white tiger belonging to beloved GM Mokushi) decides to pull the next group of mobs, without Mokus permission (or being online for that matter). brief synopsis? you got it:

"Moku, where is molag going?"

"what do you mean, I'm still logging back in"

"no, he just ran off"


::center group of elites comes, followed by patrol, followed by another group::

::Kord feigns::

Well, we did run into another problem a little down the line, during the Moroes fight i had to trap everyones pal Baron Rafe Dreuger ( the ret pally) this of course is never a problem. Today it was, he broke 4 count'em FOUR traps in a row. I'd trap and he'd break out after five seconds and I would then kite, slow, then trap again, only to have him break out once more. Someone else sees this and lays a trap, only to have the B@stard break that as well. one more trap from me and again it breaks, thankfully the baron was next on the kill list and the tank picked him up.

Has anyone ever ran into this? I'm scouring wowwiki and anywhere else i can look but I'm turning up nothing. Hell, it even makes the sound like he hit a PvP trinket to get out.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for WSR or legacy next week.

Oh, side note. my 3s team is up to 1575 (yay new Bracers)

We're working on getting to 1700 for boots and brutal helms (hate to lose the goggles but an upgrades an upgrade), but a burst team can only carry so far. Our current setup seems to be working until we hit double healer teams. Also, we keep losing every time we hit blades edge arena, we kick ass in nagrand and the ruins but the fact that BE is nothing but LOS. Team build is as follows:
SL/SL warlock (over 400 resil, and 13k unbuffed health)
BM hunter
unconventional? you bet. Working? eh...not going to get shoulders if thats what you're asking.
::sigh:: WTB resto shammy or druid for 2s

i've got a few kara survival vids in the works, we'll see what i can cook up.


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Mokushi said...

That run was so flawed, yet so fun. It wasn't as smooth as our usual runs, but I'll take it.

Doing the animal boss was pretty fun too. +82 stamina on boots!? Come on!

Tonight, we go back in to finish upper Kara. Xazzagariji is bragging about having over 3000k attack power unbuffed. We'll see if he's full of it or not.

Good blog Kord!