Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just woke up and i'm still pumped

We dropped prince on Saturday and stopped there, and decided to skip nightbane and netherspite. Then just last night someone suggested to try nightbane, we happened to have some people on who could summon him and away we went. It took us about 4 tries, fear wards were dropped too early or slightly late. i ran out of two of my buffing agents (grilled mudfish (i had them! i swear! but i sent them to someone by accident while trying to send spelldamage food!) and scrolls of agility V.) but having a shammy with us tonight made that fact kind of null and void. With my normal buffs EW procs for about 246 attack power, normal buffs being blessing of kings, +20 agil food buff, scroll of agility V, and major agility potions. Last night thanks to the shaman i was proccing 276 attack power, thanks to grace of air totem. 1106 (give or take) agility with 43% crit rating made me simply drool.

nightbane went down, we cheered "more!" so onto netherspite we went! after a wipe one of the priests said he had to go and could try one more time, to that i shouted "screw this! to ZA!". Jastel (beloved guild vending machine and portal delivery system) ported us to SMC and off to the ghostlands we flew, we picked up an extra tank from our sister(?) guild corsair. We didn't make the timed event because we needed to take time to explain the pulls and the boss, but we dropped Nalorakk on our first shot and we have the bag to prove it.

SV monitor feels a bit low in that one shot, i know for a fact i was proccing 246.

one more thing, i love Torment of the worgen, because it's just plain nifty


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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

No, it's "yo, holmes, to ZA!", get it right. :P