Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm in the process of remaking my old "Survival PvP build" post, seeing as it seems to get alot of hits on google. For now I'm going to go over my current keybinds. It's also a good reference for me if i ever forget while setting up PTR binds >.>

First, a reference photo.
we'll start with the first row.

1-mongoose bite
2-raptor strike / wingclip macro
4-concussive shot
5-serpent sting
6-explosive shot
Alt+3-mouseover hunters mark
Alt+4-call pet/mend pet macro
mouse wheel down-steadyshot
Alt+mouse button 4-mouseover wyvern sting
Middle mouse button-aimed shot

Top left bar:
F2-aspect of the dragonhawk
F4-viper sting
F5-immolation trap
mouse button 5-mouseover scatter shot
mouse button 4-freezing arrow
shift+x-feign death
shift+F3-rapid fire
`-bloodfury/ attack power trinket (if equipped)/rapid fire macro
mouse wheel up-frost trap
alt+mouse button 5-PvP trinket

Top right bar:
Control+mouse button 4-random mount macro
Alt+q-snake trap
t-mouseover scare beast
alt+F2-aspect of the dazed(cheetah)
Q-aspect of the viper

Right action bar:
Shift+F1-mouseover masters call
Shift+mouse middle mouse button- low rank aimed shot to not break fears early
alt+x- hand mounted pyro rockets
Alt+1-frag belt
control+`-health stone
Control+mouse button 5-battlemaster trinket
Control+F1-mouseover roar of sacrifice

Right action bar 2:
Alt+2-flexweave underlay
alt+6-black arrow
Shift+mouse wheel up-freezing trap
alt+c-nitro boosts
Shift+C-all in one pet attack macro
shift+z-mouseover scorpid sting
Shift+mouse button 4-mouseover tranquilizing shot

Right action bar 3:
E-disengage(for spamming in rogue fights to cut openers short)
Alt+e-explosive trap
Shift+6-arcane shot