Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you ready?

Hit 73 before work, so now i have one of my favorite abilities: Readiness. Worst thing was finding a keybind for it. currently resting at shift+` so i don't accidentally blow the CD. I fell in love with it on the PTR and got to see how well it did in arena from one of my favorite PvP movies: "HunteR evolution" by High warlord / 2x Gladiator Hazek during 2s with an AR/Prep rogue. If you're going to watch it, download it. it's well worth the space. Will be working on 74 so i can get dragonhawk as soon as i get home from work. currently at 424 mining and 403 engineering, i have rockets on my gloves and will soon have nitro boosts on my guardian boots.

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