Monday, July 28, 2008


yeah yeah i know, three posts in one day. i can't help that crap keeps coming to me and i feel compelled to write it for ::cough::no one::cough:: people to read.

Now i'm not putting all my eggs in one basket for these talents to go live, but i can dream right?

The first incarnation on my build went as such, kinda ho hum

But after seeing this video my thinking changed.

So i altered the build a little bit to this

I have a feeling i'll like it a bit more.

I get alot of folks who inspect me wondering why i took scatter over master tactician and readiness, it's a matter of personal preference when it all boils down. Scatter for me makes trapping/ interupting caster mobs (and healers in pvp) that much simpler. Sure i could just pop readiness and get another wyvern sting off, but thats a 5 minute cooldown i just lost that could have been used for something better. Though i will be taking readiness in WotLK (see above) it's just not for me at the moment.


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