Sunday, November 2, 2008

one sad Orc

Making arrows last night in org because i didn't feel like getting more kara arrows to just grind defilers rep when i saw someone wanting more people for MC, i ask "do you have anyone to douse the runes to summon majordomo?"


"i'll pass"

leaving WSG i see someone else asking for more for MC, i ask the same question.

"yeah, 7 people doing the quest right now"

"count me in" i say

I activate my direbrew remote and port to BRD, get through the door and promptly fall into the lava -_-. I ask for a summon and wait.

we summon majordomo and beat the bejesus out of him, the leaf drops.

My brain goes nuts, i'm excited and i'm planning on the the video i'm going to shoot as i do my rhok quest. That goes away when i saw a i rolled a 15 as opposed to the other hunters 94.

So, after work tonight i start grinding Hydraxian waterlord rep to be able to douse the runes myself and get MC on farm with my 6 closest friends (with no other hunters allowed to come alone >.>)

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