Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm in awe to say the least.

Trackhoof of Survival hunters anon. is hanging up his ammo pouch and retiring to mulgore.

In his farewell story he spoke of handing down his gun to a younger hunter, an Orc. In my own mind i imagine this to be me, and my proof lies in what i received tonight. Here sitting in my grasp lies the weapon i've dreamed of since i started, I took tracks message as an omen of things to come (i swear i'm not nuts) but it finally dropped.

another thing, eagle boss down! 2nd time in ZA and we made the first chest and downed the eagle boss. we had a bunch of connection problems and the offtank and healer we were borrowing from another guild never showed. so we ended without the lynx going down. we're going back sunday, everyone pray trollbane drops when we down the eagle boss.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just woke up and i'm still pumped

We dropped prince on Saturday and stopped there, and decided to skip nightbane and netherspite. Then just last night someone suggested to try nightbane, we happened to have some people on who could summon him and away we went. It took us about 4 tries, fear wards were dropped too early or slightly late. i ran out of two of my buffing agents (grilled mudfish (i had them! i swear! but i sent them to someone by accident while trying to send spelldamage food!) and scrolls of agility V.) but having a shammy with us tonight made that fact kind of null and void. With my normal buffs EW procs for about 246 attack power, normal buffs being blessing of kings, +20 agil food buff, scroll of agility V, and major agility potions. Last night thanks to the shaman i was proccing 276 attack power, thanks to grace of air totem. 1106 (give or take) agility with 43% crit rating made me simply drool.

nightbane went down, we cheered "more!" so onto netherspite we went! after a wipe one of the priests said he had to go and could try one more time, to that i shouted "screw this! to ZA!". Jastel (beloved guild vending machine and portal delivery system) ported us to SMC and off to the ghostlands we flew, we picked up an extra tank from our sister(?) guild corsair. We didn't make the timed event because we needed to take time to explain the pulls and the boss, but we dropped Nalorakk on our first shot and we have the bag to prove it.

SV monitor feels a bit low in that one shot, i know for a fact i was proccing 246.

one more thing, i love Torment of the worgen, because it's just plain nifty


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the proof is in the helm

Well, after an exhaustingly long WSG (alliance S4 druids flag running and healing FTL) I was approached by a mage from one of the higher end raiding guilds about doing 2s with him, to which i said "with me? seriously?". There he sat on a merciless netherdrake with 98k lifetime kills, I was to say the least in awe. we went 10-0 our first matches and decided to push on and keep going, with him as Arcane/ PoM pyro. After three losses against an Spriest / Rogue team he decided to respecc to frost (we never got that team again).

So here i am with 1707 rating, i hope we can keep going this week and i can get my S4 pants soon. Went mad in EotS for marks (topping the damage meter as i went) and AV so i could get marks for "for great honor". So now i sit with new Boots and a brand spankin new Helm. Got the +12 agil meta and a new shifting nightseye in the helm and +12 agil to the boots. Here's a pic, enjoy the sexy

Now sitting on 753 agil and 38% crit in PvP gear, and 808 unbuffed in PvE.

Keep Surviving

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Holy Crap!

Today was my first real Gruuls lair run! we had a few wipes but we came out on top, i brought the expose weakness love to the raid, they for some reason wouldn't put me in with a shammy and a druid, Expose weakness was proccing for about 234 AP the whole fight. I was missing Agility V scrolls so i was down from my normal non shammy buffed 237.

I'd like the thank Chagutter from the Guild Dark Oblivion for inviting me to the raid. Their normal SV hunter was BM for arena, so Chagutter said "I know a better survival hunter". I ran around and got my normal buffing agents then grabbed my ammo pouch and teleported to Area 52 (they gave up on summoning me due to me waiting on major agility pots) Enjoy the screen shots.

Gruul himself. I got the addon from Trackhoof, it's call SV monitor
you can get it here

The damage report after the fight and the DPS report

Big puppy O_o

Big thanks to Tragorn from my server for the screenshot, i was out in the barrens leveling my fishing and my cooking (had some time to kill and it needed to be done)
Thats Bandet (small tribute to the survival hunter PvP vids i love) he's my farming buddy for when i need mats for raids.

Broken record

I'm hoping to make a T-Shirt:

"I went to Kara and all i got was shards"

granted the void crystal i got was shattered and helped enchant my merciless chest with +6 to all stats, so I'm still happy.

I. Love. Druid. Tanks. There i said it. I LOVE leader of the pack (47.87% crit! take that master tactician!)

I recorded the moroes fight! I'm not 100% happy with the footage (i pulled aggro a few times becuase of lag spikes from Wegame being up) but i think I'll edit it anyway, maybe I'll throw together a small PvP vid, not sure yet. I'm tempted to make a mess of videos but BRK has covered just about everything.

A word on who gets what for drops:

A friend of mine (ex guildie, too cool to be shunned) was complaining to me about drops in kara that night (preaching to the choir eh?) he's a priest who wants to go shadow but lacks the spell damage for it, but everytime something drops for his shadow offspec he gets told "it's not your main spec so we're going to D/E it"

...Wait what?

it should ALWAYS go main spec, off spec, shard. Then they turn around and tell him his dps is too low in shadow (so he can get gear for shadow) and that he can't come to kara. He left the guild for THAT? He left for more PvP and more PvE content, i rarely PvP alone and always have guildies in tow, i also live in battlegrounds when I'm not out farming engineering mats/ leveling my wolf. The Makai Tribe (one year old as of yesterday! whooo!) has kara on farm (dropped prince our 2nd week /furious Epeen stroke) and we're moving on soon. 90% of the drops we get from kara are resto shammy gear, so if you're kara ready and on another server then the Makai Tribe wants you! drop me an Email at if you're interested



Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, another week, another kara run without drops for me.

Everything went swimmingly, well other than the epic wipe. Mokushi (beloved GM) disconnects during some trash pulls on the way to maiden. Molag (Big white tiger belonging to beloved GM Mokushi) decides to pull the next group of mobs, without Mokus permission (or being online for that matter). brief synopsis? you got it:

"Moku, where is molag going?"

"what do you mean, I'm still logging back in"

"no, he just ran off"


::center group of elites comes, followed by patrol, followed by another group::

::Kord feigns::

Well, we did run into another problem a little down the line, during the Moroes fight i had to trap everyones pal Baron Rafe Dreuger ( the ret pally) this of course is never a problem. Today it was, he broke 4 count'em FOUR traps in a row. I'd trap and he'd break out after five seconds and I would then kite, slow, then trap again, only to have him break out once more. Someone else sees this and lays a trap, only to have the B@stard break that as well. one more trap from me and again it breaks, thankfully the baron was next on the kill list and the tank picked him up.

Has anyone ever ran into this? I'm scouring wowwiki and anywhere else i can look but I'm turning up nothing. Hell, it even makes the sound like he hit a PvP trinket to get out.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for WSR or legacy next week.

Oh, side note. my 3s team is up to 1575 (yay new Bracers)

We're working on getting to 1700 for boots and brutal helms (hate to lose the goggles but an upgrades an upgrade), but a burst team can only carry so far. Our current setup seems to be working until we hit double healer teams. Also, we keep losing every time we hit blades edge arena, we kick ass in nagrand and the ruins but the fact that BE is nothing but LOS. Team build is as follows:
SL/SL warlock (over 400 resil, and 13k unbuffed health)
BM hunter
unconventional? you bet. Working? eh...not going to get shoulders if thats what you're asking.
::sigh:: WTB resto shammy or druid for 2s

i've got a few kara survival vids in the works, we'll see what i can cook up.