Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting there

First of all:

@Warsong hold elevator

Fuck you.


<3 Kordwar

any who, I've been trying to level as much as i can lately but things keep coming up. 5 bubbles from 73 and I'm at 419 mining and 396 engineering, i need alot more cobalt in order to be able to use the saronite i farmed last night, but since i don't use my goggles anymore the spynoculars were a great investment for me, i'm keeping a lid on being able to use the mote extractor in northrend to my server becuase no one has seemed to realize it quite yet.

I bought a blood knight war cloak and threw a flexweave underlay on it, i intend to use my frost lords war cloak for PvE things. Identical stats ftw. I've gotten many a mining node because of that cloak.

Server has been really laggy lately and while at my girldfriends house the internet isn't the best, so i've been avoiding pvp. I did pick up a wasp for anti rogue / druid, but he's still leveling so normally it's just Bandet and i. Come level 74 i'll be getting a new wolf, same name new skin. Stay tuned for what he'll look like.

Added http://no-ammo-melee-time.blogspot.com/ to the blogroll, be sure to check him out.


Thracyyus said...

Thanks for the add, gave you a shout in my post on "The Diplomat will see you now.

Kordwar said...

i noticed :D