Saturday, December 13, 2008


It's downloadin' now.



It'll be done when before i get off work, but i'm excited to try the new ES.

oooh 34%

Oh, before i forget. I got a pet before they had a chance to "fix" it (if they decide to) I'm happy with him. Since i can't get a spirit wolf anymore I'll settle for this.


I'll be on the PTR PvP realm if you wanna meet me.

Edit: or is done but it's giving me errors D:


Anonymous said...

lol I do wonder when those pets with slime-attributes will remember who they truly are and grow some fur...

Kordwar said...

He's a Crocolisk :D

Bad attitude is meh at best, in case you were wondering.

Mirshalak said...

I wonder if I should download the PTR myself and try it. Sadly, I'm always so far behind the rat race that generally just trying to keep up has to be my priority on live. :(

Kordwar said...

It never hurts to try it out, you'll be ahead of the curve when the patch drops. Before 3.0 came out i was on the PTR trying out specs and seeing all the new abilities. When it did drop i was 100% ready for it while everyone else had a thumb up their ass for their spec.