Monday, July 28, 2008

smell that?

Thats new blog smell.

Well future readers this is the first post of many to come.

I suppose i can start off by introducing myself. I am Kordwar of the Makai Tribe, an Orc and full time survival hunter. We're on Ravenholdt U.S server (horde side) and will be celebrating our first year anniversary this august. I'm second in command and the guy to go to when Mokushi (our beloved GM) finally snaps, raids the Gbank and jumps server. The Makai is steadily progressing through kara and downed prince our 2nd time in. After we get our main crew kara gear we'll be starting 25 man content and ZA soon enough.

I am a recent convert to the School of survival, i joined Survival Hunters Anonymous and followed the 12 steps. saw the light and converted from being a long time beast mastery hunter (still of firm follower of BRK though, read the blog everyday).

For those wondering, the blog title comes from an outburst on my guilds vent server, while dueling someone on his warrior i proceeded to chain trap, scattershot and wyvern sting him into oblivion. (i lost BTW, autoshot broke a freeze trap and he intercepted, then began to beat me senseless with his Skillherald.)

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