Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surival / Destro strikes back

I'm terribly sorry about the total lack of updates, I've been busy with work and such. I leveled my rogue to 80, while I was doing battlegrounds and dueling people I came to realized how much i truly missed and loved my real class. So, for now the rogue sits.

I needed arena points for the week (missed out on two weeks worth) so Blarr dropped his current 2s and "ol lo HIGHFIVE" made it's triumphant return. I queued us up at blades edge arena (queue in outlands, like a boss.) and the train started rolling. Started the night at 1251 and ended at 1647 after a little more than an hour or so, picked it up and next day and sailed to 1808. I was pleasantly surprised to look at my arena points today after work. Here's why:Relentless longbow was a significant upgrade over my current, i'm hoping to get the axe in the coming weeks. I have a small tutorial video in the works as well, should be coming out in a little under a week.