Monday, July 28, 2008


After a long uphill struggle, we're finally in kara as a guild. We had some downtime in which we needed to recruit like madmen for tanks and healers (RP-PvP server, vast shortage of both).

We lost a few people to other guilds, drama ensued, but we came back stronger than ever. In one fell swoop we lost our main tank AND main healer after the main tank went MIA for 2 weeks then said "we don't do enough heroics" and left. cue main healer to say "we don't do enough heroics" and leave as well (hard to do them without a heroic ready tank, ya know?)

Following that we (the officers) scrambled to find replacements and get them geared for whatever we could throw at them. In doing so we've gotten more readily available tanks and heals, the guild is quite happy and we're kicking ass and taking names through kara every week now.

I'm still praying for wolfslayer every thursday, i hope my prayer gets answered soon.

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