Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the proof is in the helm

Well, after an exhaustingly long WSG (alliance S4 druids flag running and healing FTL) I was approached by a mage from one of the higher end raiding guilds about doing 2s with him, to which i said "with me? seriously?". There he sat on a merciless netherdrake with 98k lifetime kills, I was to say the least in awe. we went 10-0 our first matches and decided to push on and keep going, with him as Arcane/ PoM pyro. After three losses against an Spriest / Rogue team he decided to respecc to frost (we never got that team again).

So here i am with 1707 rating, i hope we can keep going this week and i can get my S4 pants soon. Went mad in EotS for marks (topping the damage meter as i went) and AV so i could get marks for "for great honor". So now i sit with new Boots and a brand spankin new Helm. Got the +12 agil meta and a new shifting nightseye in the helm and +12 agil to the boots. Here's a pic, enjoy the sexy

Now sitting on 753 agil and 38% crit in PvP gear, and 808 unbuffed in PvE.

Keep Surviving

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Bandet said...

Smart mage. He saw a survivalist, and decided to take the opportunity.