Monday, November 24, 2008


Got out of work last night with the intent to hit 75 today and mess around with masters call. That was crushed around noon today when i found out i was to be trained at a new plant and had to work 3rd shift, bye bye day off. I'm now four and a half bars from 75, My leveling came to a screeching halt in Zul'drak when i was being quasi camped by a SL/SL/UA warlock who whenever i teleported up would dot me to hell and fear me about.

A word on that, back when i was BM i stood a chance against warlocks. This is not the case anymore as survival. We, as hunters, have ZERO spell mitigation. They were going to give it to us with deterrence but snatched it away back in beta. Even in open world PvP where we can try to kite we have nothing, soul link breaks traps and the sleep effect from wyvern sting. There isn't enough time to kill the pet and get rid of soul link becuase they're also deep affliction and their dots are ticking away for big damage, it's beyond an uphill fight.


I'll be hitting 75 tomorrow afternoonish and i'll get to mess around with masters call. I've decided to start bringing my crab with me in case of world PvP, so i can abuse roar of sacrifice and intervene. I've been trying to fight every deathknight i can find so i can learn how to kill one and teach others. Trying to get my mitts on the prison wardens shotgun, but i have to use LFG (sucks ass) becuase i'm a one man bank mule guild. Nothing like sitting in LFG and only seeing ret pallys, unholy DKs, and rogues. WTB more people leveling as prot.

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