Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken record

I'm hoping to make a T-Shirt:

"I went to Kara and all i got was shards"

granted the void crystal i got was shattered and helped enchant my merciless chest with +6 to all stats, so I'm still happy.

I. Love. Druid. Tanks. There i said it. I LOVE leader of the pack (47.87% crit! take that master tactician!)

I recorded the moroes fight! I'm not 100% happy with the footage (i pulled aggro a few times becuase of lag spikes from Wegame being up) but i think I'll edit it anyway, maybe I'll throw together a small PvP vid, not sure yet. I'm tempted to make a mess of videos but BRK has covered just about everything.

A word on who gets what for drops:

A friend of mine (ex guildie, too cool to be shunned) was complaining to me about drops in kara that night (preaching to the choir eh?) he's a priest who wants to go shadow but lacks the spell damage for it, but everytime something drops for his shadow offspec he gets told "it's not your main spec so we're going to D/E it"

...Wait what?

it should ALWAYS go main spec, off spec, shard. Then they turn around and tell him his dps is too low in shadow (so he can get gear for shadow) and that he can't come to kara. He left the guild for THAT? He left for more PvP and more PvE content, i rarely PvP alone and always have guildies in tow, i also live in battlegrounds when I'm not out farming engineering mats/ leveling my wolf. The Makai Tribe (one year old as of yesterday! whooo!) has kara on farm (dropped prince our 2nd week /furious Epeen stroke) and we're moving on soon. 90% of the drops we get from kara are resto shammy gear, so if you're kara ready and on another server then the Makai Tribe wants you! drop me an Email at if you're interested



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