Thursday, August 7, 2008

Holy Crap!

Today was my first real Gruuls lair run! we had a few wipes but we came out on top, i brought the expose weakness love to the raid, they for some reason wouldn't put me in with a shammy and a druid, Expose weakness was proccing for about 234 AP the whole fight. I was missing Agility V scrolls so i was down from my normal non shammy buffed 237.

I'd like the thank Chagutter from the Guild Dark Oblivion for inviting me to the raid. Their normal SV hunter was BM for arena, so Chagutter said "I know a better survival hunter". I ran around and got my normal buffing agents then grabbed my ammo pouch and teleported to Area 52 (they gave up on summoning me due to me waiting on major agility pots) Enjoy the screen shots.

Gruul himself. I got the addon from Trackhoof, it's call SV monitor
you can get it here

The damage report after the fight and the DPS report

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Bandet said...

I go to pug gruuls, and outdps people in full epics with my blues, then lose to them by 2 on the roll for loot.