Sunday, February 1, 2009

First shot at naxx.

Well, My new guild Haven and I hit up naxx tonight. They already took down spider and military wing, i was absent for that because i had to work in the morning -_-. Dropped gluth, grob and patchwerk in our first try as a guild and then some folks had to go. After a quick respec to a mix between Lienna and Draculeas builds was pulling about 2k DPS with almost zero PvE gear. Not really post worthy but it was a good night.


lienna said...

2k dps is enough to clear naxx, that's the important number if you hit that then your fine! have fun with the rest of naxx!

Anonymous said...

So you're in PvP mostly then, I assume?

Good going man, that's great!

Kordwar said...

Yeah, PvP more than anything. The guild raids and they adore me and i can pew pew with the best of them so I go to get weapons for arena.