Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What do i love about 3.0.8?

The amount of terribad survival hunters who hit like a bag of wet noodles. Just because explosive shot got buffed doesn't make you good kids, go back to BM and GTFO of my tree.

AND all the engineering changes!

-32 slot toolbox.

-Box. Of. Bombs.

-Gnomish lightning generator usable on the move.

-MOLL-E cooldown dropped to 8 hours

- Scrap bots repairing up a storm.

I've got Molten core in a day or so with some friends and my 60 set for the quest is almost done, missing belt, rings, neck and trinkets.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...



Ben Winton said...


You can tell the new SV hunters; they've gone with with seemingly-good-if-you-do-no-research builds.

God bless you Mr. 3/3 Expose Weakness hunter. And you Mr. 5/5 Hunting Party.

Kordwar said...

And here's to you mr. 5/5 Master tactician, you're the worst of them all.

Anonymous said...

Then how many points would you put into master tactician? 4 or 3?

Kordwar said...


lienna said...

Aww come on Kordwar, for pve its actually up a lot of the time now, its not like when it was 6% and you couldn't use a fast weapon because it messed up steady rotations.

Kordwar said...

For PvE go nuts with MT, for PvP it's garbage still. PvP gear has plenty of crit on it, If you've got the gear to be survival then critting often shouldn't be a problem. BUT if you honestly want my opinion you can toss three points in there instead of imp. winglip like Levidia

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Referencing Levidian at all = -1000000000 respect points

Levidian is a fucking tool and needs a swift kick in the ass with a banhammer.

Kordwar said...

Levidia may indeed be a tool, But it's because of him never shutting up on the forums and raising a stink that we actually got some buffs in PvP. His record doesn't lie though, he's in single digits in all arena brackets. So he must be doing something right.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

he's in single digits in all arena brackets

Alert me when he does something worth giving a shit about.

Kordwar said...

Has weapons from heroic KT?