Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Naxx action

Well, another week another naxx run. Got myself some T7 from the four horsemen. We were only able to clear the military wing due to people having to leave but since we're missing one of our feral druids we were down a sub-tank for the horsemen. It was Feral main tank, Warrior off tank, Blood DK keeping himself alive through blood presence and improved rune tap. Who was left? You might or might not have guessed it....PeenchPeench. That's right ladies and gents, greatest tank ever stepped up to the plate. After a wipe or two after figuring out how many debuffs the crab and DK could take before running into problems (2 tops, 3 max). Sadly no screenshots of damage meters telling how much he took because recount is biased against pets.

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Neggles said...

Always good to hear tank pets pulling their weight :D