Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go go PvE? sure, why not.

Been running heroics pretty much all day gearing up the guilds secondary offtank and i got some decent drops. King Ymiron was kind enough to give up his belt, so i slapped on a belt buckle and a 14 agility gem in there. Snagged a new trinket to replace my pocketwatch from heroic nexus and to use along with my Anvil. Bought the T7 gloves with badges to swap with my current if peench ever needs a bit more "oomph". With my PvP sword and dagger (with a titanium weapon chain on one) on along with the belt and trinket i'm at 330 hit rating or 10% chance to hit, so i can finally start wearing my Staff again and still be at 8%. Naxx tonight so let's see how i do.

Current PvE build can be seen here. sure i "misused" two points, i don't care. I feel naked without scattershot and extra long frost traps, sue me.

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