Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick PTR news

  • Black arrow does indeed use trap CD, but is effected by resourcefulness.
  • Explosive shot is hitting about the same, Harder hits but fewer crits.
  • Zero range on killshot is amazing
  • Everytime i get an error (alot) WoW eats my keybinds, i've given up. (i'm going to back them up on live and copy pasta them over, i can't live without em!)
  • Most of our escape mechanics have been nerfed (aspect of the monkey glyph has 20 second CD, Frost trap trigged by people immune to snares makes the trap not work (lolHandOfFreedom) imp. wing clip gone)
  • EDIT: Flexweave underlay now adds 10 agility to cloak (woot?)
Most important!

Mounts swim! (not important but i'm trying to look on the bright side here)
When I get things sorted out I'll post more. If you're on the PTR and want chat/get autographs I'm on the PvP realm.


Thracyyus said...

Also, note that Black Arrow shows up in the Marksman talent section of the spell book. It should be in Survival, took me 15 minutes to find it. FYI I have posted a few screen shots of engineer change and additions to my blog.

Thracyyus said...

on the PVE on named Cyyranius

Kordwar said...

I'll copy over there right now