Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New video

I'm still learning sony vegas, so every time I make a new video I pick up some new tricks and figure out how to make things easier on myself. So recently I've been recording battlegrounds and arena to throw together a small video here and there. So, enjoy my first real pvp movie: http://www.noobflicks.com/watch/7427/kordpvp


Anonymous said...

Must show this to all DKs EVERYWHERE!!!!

Negathle said...

You are SO much more adept at freezing arrow than I am. I SUCK at it -_-

Samyon said...

Really enjoyed this video!

I've always known how good you are at PvP, but this video shows how much skill you truly have. You're not only the best hunter I've ever played with, but also the best PvPer.

Some hopping music, some fun fights (liked that one where you both killed eachother at the same time), still too much UI clutter, but it seems pretty necessary. Looks like you've cleaned it up since last time.

I look forward to future videos! And wish you and Blarr the best luck in arena. I'm proud to be your friend.

Kordwar said...

Coming soon: Freezing arrow how to!