Thursday, June 11, 2009

Screenshot goodness

Few recent screenshots I thought i'd share.

I'm not Rifluvr, but i can dream.

Forgive the massive bar of debuffs (turns out it was quartz, it's off now) but i wanted to capture having 8.1k attack power.there are few funnier things in pvp than the ol' double CC. In case you're wondering, the red all around the screen happens when CC breaks, courtesy of Natur enemy castbars.


The double CC strikes again!


Sal M said...

OK, maybe I'm being stupid, but I could have SWORN there used to be an option in Quartz to only show debuffs you can cast (seriously, I don't care about the fifty-bajillion DoTs the 'Lock cast, I just care about the timer for Explosive Shot). Any one else recall this option?

Kordwar said...

There might be, i just have Xperl set up to make my debuffs huge and i watch those like a hawk in PvE. As you can see those timers were a massive blindspot to me.

Samyon said...

How can you play with all that mess on your screen?? Clean your room Kordwar!

Actually there is an option how to clean up Quartz. I used to have the same problem.

In that last screenshot someone laughed at you. That was a pally I bet?

Dwarves are cool.

Kordwar said...

yeah, the pally laughed because we both jumped while mounted and CCed each other. So we just sat there next to each other when we landed.

Sal M said...

So, umm, Samyon... where's the option? 'Cause I can't find it for the life of me and I'd love to get rid of my Power Auras timer and stick that back on the boss cast frame where it belongs...

Samyon said...

First go to the Quartz UI by typing /quartz.

Then switch down to 'Target', where you can enable those debuffs, as well as turn off the buffs on friends and enemies. I just turned it off here because I already had the debuffs showing up on Xperl. I didn't need both of them. Too much clutter. You can still change the positioning and size here as well though, if you want to keep them.

Anonymous said...

You know what else is frustrating/funny?


THey both use killshot.


Bandet said...

OH GOSH!!! your UI kills my eyes.

I can help you set a more visually pleasing one if you want.

Oh.. yeah.. I'm back.

P.S. Nice pet name.

Kordwar said...

you're back?!

Kordwar said...

and yes please to helping my UI look better.