Sunday, May 10, 2009

Terribly sorry

Sorry for the total lack of updates, I've been busy with work and my raiding has grinded to a halt. I've also been playing on my rogue, Gargthun, alot more because level 80 hunter pvp is getting depressing. I will never turn Kord into merely an alt and turn garg into my main, but until some changes are made to hunter pvp chance are i'll be on my rogue. I have over 740 resil and i'm still getting blown up. The three classes that i need to kite (ret pallies, warriors, DKs) i have no tools to do so. With the frost trap changes and juggernaut it's impossible to pull any of them out of your ass long enough to do any damage. That's about it.

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Anonymous said...

So you got any cool Rogue stories??